4 Paws House Calls


Primary Location

(407) 832-9266

Clinic Services

Preventative Medicine Veterinary Services

We find it very important to be proactive when it comes to health. Our veterinarians and staff will provide a range of preventive services such as counseling (behavioral and nutritional), examinations, and vaccinations. Heartworm and flea/tick medications are also available at 4 Paws Animal Clinic. 

Diagnosis and Treatment Services

In order to aid the staff with diagnosis and treatment of issues, we have a full laboratory inside the clinic. This laboratory allows us to run blood tests including complete blood counts (CBC), chemistries (analyze organ function) and virology testing (FeLV/FIV in cats). Parasite blood tests are needed to determine heartworm presence and stool examinations are needed to check for parasites or abnormal bacteria in the intestines. 

4 Paws Animal Clinic has the most advanced digital radio-graphic capabilities as well. This means that x-rays are taken and available for interpretation in minutes. If needed, the radiographs can be sent electronically to a radiologist for interpretation. 


Dentistry Services

With regular cleaning and polishing we can prevent painful decay and enhance the life of your pet. For serious dental issues, 4 Paws Animal Clinic will refer to a local board-certified veterinary dentist. 

Surgery Services

We offer routine soft tissue surgeries such as spays, neuters and lump removal. More in depth soft tissue surgeries are also provided by a in house board-certified veterinary surgeon on certain days. Orthopedic procedures and surgeries are also provided by a board-certified veterinary surgeon specializing in orthopedics. 


If you have an emergency during our normal business hours, please give us a call and we will do our best to see your pet or refer you to a clinic that will be able to care for your pet immediately. For afterhours emergencies, the 24-hour emergency clinics closest to our location are listed below; depending where you live, there may be an emergency clinic closer to you. We recommend that you identify the ER clinic closest to your home before you need this information.



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