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Meet Dr. Jacki Bert

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    Dr. Jacki Bert

    Dr. Bert is an Orlando native who knew that she wanted to be a vet since the second grade. The first pet in her life was a male Golden Retriever named Red. She has had many pets throughout her life but now shares her home with four. Noodles is a small, rescue dog and Cheetos is an orange, rescue cat. Boone and Bozeman are both Golden Retrievers. Dr. Bert opened 4 Paws House Calls in 2008. She still enjoys the experiences gained by being a house call vet. She wanted to continue that type of personalized care in her stationary practice. Dr. Bert is a genuine person that Is looking to make a connection with people. Ultimately, she shows her love for people through caring for their pets.

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    Where were you born/grow up?: I was born in West Palm Beach but grew up in Orlando. I went to Dr. Phillips High School and St. Petersburg College!

    Childhood Pet?: I had Chickens, Cats, Birds, Bunnies, Dogs and Imaginary Horses.

    Where would you like to travel?: 

    To the Mountains, Helen Georgia or Zion National Park.

    Family?: I am currently married with 3 Cats

    Favorite Food?: Sushi and for Dessert… Sour Candy!

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    Where were you born/grow up?: I am from Santa Clara!

    Childhood Pet?: I had 4 Dogs and a Cat.

    Where would you like to travel?: I’d love to travel to Montreal Canada.

    Family?: I am Single.

    Favorite Food?: Either Pizza or Cheese and Ham.

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    Where were you born/grow up?: I was born in South Florida.

    Childhood Pet?: I have an American Bulldog/Pitbull Mix named Lariah

    Where would you like to travel?: Ireland, Germany, Romania

    Family?: I am Single with 3 Kids.

    Favorite Food?: Definitely Coffee Ice Cream.

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    Where were you born/grow up?: Born in NJ, grew up in Jupiter, FL.

    Childhood Pet?: Kelly is my German Sheppard

    Where would you like to travel?: I love Italy and Costa Rica. Planning atrip to London, Paris and Amsterdam!

    Family?: Married 26 Years with 2 Kids Nico and Chela.

    Favorite Food?: Anything Italian and Chocolate for Dessert

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    Where were you born/grow up?: Born and Raised in Orlando, FL

    Childhood Pet?: I have never had a childhood pet but current have a kittennamed Simba

    Where would you like to travel?: Canada

    Family?: I have a Daughter.

    Favorite Food?: Red Velvet Cake, Cupcakes, Sugar Cookies


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